"These people are wonderful had them on my first total knee replacement surgery and will definitely have them on my other knee and anything else I need therapy for there caring and actually listen to you highly recommended!!"

Dafney J.

"The therapist is fantastic! He is highly skilled, knowledgeable and very personable! If you want to feel better, go to Park Rehab!! I would highly recommend Park Rehab!"

Billy J.

"I've had great outcomes personally with Park Rehab after a car accident. I've also had wonderful outcomes in my workplace at an Assisted Living facility where Park Rehab will see residents for therapy, chronic pain, falls management, etc. They have a great team to work with, and I highly recommend Park Rehab."

Amber P.

"I broke my back and was in desperate need of good therapy. I was so grateful to have found Park Rehab to help me recover. I was nervous I wasn’t going to recover from the injury, but the therapists were extremely knowledgeable and comforting in my recovery process. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. The therapist blew me away with their professionalism and skills. They were determined to get me back to doing the things I love. Thank you Park Rehab."

Christina Y.

"The overall experience with Park Rehab has been great. The exercise's given to me were very useful and improved my energy as well as stamina. My balance was improved tremendously. They also accommodated to my schedule very well. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for therapy services."

Alex D.

"My husband broke his hip and thanks to Park Rehab he was back to work in just 8 weeks. Very caring and compassionate. They were very flexible and made his recovery front and center. Thank you Dr. Parks. Thank you Olivia."

Dorothy S.

"I needed intensive therapy following strokes. I was treated by Phil and Joe for physical therapy. They were very sensitive to my concerns and encouraged me at every visit. I would not have improved as much as I did without their expertise I appreciate the care and sensitivity displayed by these gentlemen and would not hesitate to recommend Park Rehab to anyone requiring therapy services."

Sharalee N.

"As an avid runner and general athlete, I have loved the opportunity Park Rehab has provided in truly optimizing my performance. They are true to their values and mission, empowering people of all functioning levels to enjoy the gift of movement in life. Their staff are knowledgeable, compassionate and bar none the premier experts in their field. My highest recommendation would not be enough. Pain free living and strength and mobility beyond your imagination are possible with their informed care and practices!"

Megan T.

"Jack had a stroke 6 years ago and we have been doing therapy for 3.5 years. Although out of all the other therapy companies Park Rehab stands out above them all. On the first day of therapy with Park Rehab they realized his weakness and were able to give us instant results within just one visit. Now they proceed to continue to help strengthen him and relieving his pain. We are grateful to Phil and Olivia."

Ettagail S.

"Excellent therapists! Todd shared with me everything he was doing and why and was so patient with me. Olivia is also very energetic and is a top quality PTA who really cares about her patients! I will always recommend park rehab."

Steven W.

"Park Rehab has done physical therapy with my dad. They have delivered quality therapy while developing a positive rapport with him. They have also maintained good communication with his family."

Becky C.

"Olivia really helped me in therapy. I had surgery on my left leg 8 years ago and had chronic pain as well as a limp. BUT ever since had therapy from Park Rehab I am now PAIN FREE!!! I could not be more thankful and happy with their services to me."

Conago J.

"I had severe chronic back pain from a herniated disc following a car accident. Todd treated me for a couple of months and taught me how to do exercises to strengthen my back muscles, which completely resolved my pain. I still do the exercises he showed me and have not had back pain for over 2 years now."

Jessica H.

"Excellent physical and outpatient therapy given to my mother at an assisted living facility. The employees at Park Rehab were very professional, patient and caring!"

Charlie T.

"Therapist are patient with me, helpful, and in my opinion the best."

Eileen B.

"They provide excellent care of our clients."

Ben S.

Thank you for everything.  Dad would not be walking or living at home w/o you!

Sherry T.