Red Cord

Red Cord is a company that develops products used in physical therapy. At Park Rehab, we perform Red Cord Neural Treatment, which consists of Red Cord products and the Neurac Method to help increase function and facilitate correct movement patterns

Neurac Method

Neurac is an abbreviation of Neuromuscular Activation and consists of therapeutic exercises in Redcord slings. The aim of the Neurac Method is to restore pain-free movement patterns and improve function. Exercises performed on an unstable surface with bodyweight exercises. The exercises improve strength, muscular endurance, balance, coordination, and core muscle stability. This is what we refer to as functional strength!

Neurac treatment is used to reduce and prevent disorders, and also to enhance performance. Neurac Treatment challenges the interplay between muscles and is focusing on what is causing the problem – not only the symptoms.

Here is a breakdown of the goals of the Neurac Method:

  • Optimize neuromuscular control
  • Eliminate and reduce pain
  • Restore normal range of motion
  • Improve your ability to exercise and perform a variety of physical activities

Neurac Testing

Neurac testing is a standardized test procedure that screens the body for painful movements, inappropriate movement patterns, and imbalances. These neuromuscular dysfunctions are referred to as weak links and are perceived as the underlying cause of the problem. The weak links are informing the therapist about which exercises and techniques are needed, and at what level of difficulty the treatment exercises should be performed.

If you are interested in learning more about how this technique can help you on your road to recovery, please contact Park Rehab today.