Manage Your Speech Disorder with Speech Therapy

Adult speech disorders are common and can manifest in a variety of ways, such as stuttering, dysphagia, dysarthria (a problem with speech motor control), voice issues, and articulation difficulties. Speech disabilities and impairments can cause more than just difficulty speaking clearly; they can also cause a person to be unwilling to communicate or even lead to emotional withdrawal. Swallowing and drinking problems can be severe as well.

Luckily speech therapy in Reynoldsburg can help many adults improve their speech and communication skills. This encourages the individual to communicate, boosting morale and their sense of purpose in life.

If you have been living with a speech disorder, do not wait any longer to schedule an appointment with our Reynoldsburg, OH physical therapist. We will make it possible for you to communicate freely again!

How Can A Speech Therapist Help Me?

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) help people improve their speaking and listening skills, increase the loudness or quality of their voice, eat and drink more comfortably, and retrain cognitive skills such as memory and word-finding.

The muscles of the tongue and throat, like those of the body, require strengthening and coordination in order to speak properly. To help with a variety of speech/language issues, our speech therapists employ a combination of neurological and speech exercises. They can easily identify any issues and then provide the appropriate therapies to address them.

How Can I Tell If I Am In Need Of Speech Therapy?

Sometimes it is not always crystal clear that you should see a speech therapist. However, if someone is having any of the following difficulties they should seek the aid of a speech therapist in Reynoldsburg, OH at Park Rehab.

Here are a few areas Speech Therapy focuses on:

  • Muscle weakness or rigidity
  • Difficulty understanding written and spoken language
  • Changes in memory, attention, orientation
  • Any chewing/swallowing difficulties or changes
  • Difficulty expressing thoughts or identifying common objects or people
  • Changes in the quality of voice

At Park Rehab, we offer private speech therapy sessions in Reynoldsburg to our clients. Our purpose is to enable a person to improve their communication skills following an injury or illness.

There is no reason to fear when it comes to therapy. In our clinic, there is no judgment, and each of our patients is given the utmost care and attention. Our speech therapist is here to help you and guide your journey to feeling better.

Contact Park Rehab To Schedule Your Appointment

You can be confident that your Reynoldsburg, OH therapist is a trained professional who will work with you to develop proper speaking, swallowing, and feeding skills, as well as improve your voice quality. For more information on speech therapy, make an appointment with our speech therapists at Park Rehab!